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After nearly 10 years of loyal service, our Memor readers have retired at Fairson, making way for a new era of innovation. At FAIRSON, our commitment to excellence in inventory management is the driving force behind our continuous evolution. We embrace cutting-edge solutions, providing our customers with an unparalleled inventory experience.

The Transition to Android: A Future Solution

The transition to Casio hardware marks a significant turning point in FAIRSON’s history. The adoption of the Android operating system represents a shift towards optimal efficiency and connectivity for FAIRSON.

Fast charging

At FAIRSON, we understand the importance of operational efficiency. That’s why the fast charging of Casio hardware was an obvious choice. It ensures maximum availability of the equipment, eliminating unnecessary downtime and ensuring seamless continuity during our inventory operations. Furthermore, our teams have worked on creating custom charging cases (up to 30 readers) tailored to Fairson’s needs.

Exceptional Features :

Casio hardware has been carefully selected at FAIRSON for the advantages it offers in our inventory operations :

1.     Exceptional 15 to 20 hours scanning battery life : At FAIRSON, we understand that extended inventory sessions are common. The twice-as-long battery life compared to our previous hardware ensures continuous performance for our teams in the field.

2.     Intuitive Multiscan : Productivity is crucial for FAIRSON. The intuitively placed scan button at the back simplifies multiscanning, thereby increasing the efficiency of our teams.

3.    Ergonomic Accessories : The integration of automated accessories such as voice recognition (Voice) and finger-mounted barcode scanner (Ring scanner) significantly enhances the inventory experience for our teams, reinforcing our commitment to operational efficiency.

4.     Larger Screen : Improved visibility and ease of use with a larger screen contribute to better visualization of inventory data, providing a more intuitive experience for our teams.

FAIRSON Scan: A Visual Response to Our Requirements


At FAIRSON, innovation extends beyond hardware to our software tools as well. Our development team has created the Fairson Scan inventory application, adhering to our visual design guidelines, offering a simpler and more visual interface. This application has been designed to ensure an optimal user experience, in line with our commitment to efficiency and ease of use. Fairson Scan represents the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and aesthetics, providing our customers with a comprehensive and innovative solution for their inventory needs.

At FAIRSON, our vision of innovation encompasses every aspect of our service to provide our customers with an exceptional inventory experience.


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