Customer stories: what they say about their inventory with Fairson Inventory

Clients who have managed their inventories with Fairson Inventory. See how our customers express their positive experience with outsourced inventory.


Fairson Inventory has a simplicity and transparency that promotes beneficial exchanges

With Fairson Inventory, the technical aspect of the procedure is there, but it is made more approachable than others: listening, in a relationship makes it more of a partnership.
At Fairson there is a real consideration for customer requirements as well as the social aspect of inventory, through pooling teams on several brands, for example.


Teams always available, including in emergencies

Team availability, information traceability, flexibility and verbal commitment to trust: we work very well with Fairson Inventory, with confidence and intelligence.
Fairson Inventory is truly customer-oriented: always attentive and offers powerful proposals.
Competence, know-how, technicality… It’s always interesting to work with them.


I appreciate having a single point of contact

I have a single point of contact with Fairson Inventory.
This proximity in the relationship promotes the quality of our exchanges, and therefore stimulates reactivity.
Their in-house IT department is also a plus, confirmed by my visit to their headquarters in Challans: they are really well structured!

Fairson GMS GSB

They are very accurate in the inventories; I am fully satisfied with the service

Fairson Inventory is my sole provider of inventory for the technical equipment in my stores.
Their availability throughout the metropolitan area and their professionalism make Fairson a reliable company that I gladly recommend.

Fairson Santé

I chose Fairson Inventory for their knowledge of the medical sector

The Inventory Manager represents us with our own clients, which is why the quality of the relationship is important during delivery.
I would define them as “guides” in the realisation of inventories and would recommend them for quality services.
Working with Fairson Inventory saves time for our sales reps, as well as having more reliable and objective inventories.


Proximity to the relationship, professionalism, responsiveness… It’s a whole service!

For me, the strengths of Fairson Inventory are the attention paid to the customer, their constantly evolving tools, their reliability… They do not rely on their achievements and are always committed to improving inventory process.
I entrust them twice a year with the inventory of my 20 stores in France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy and Spain.


Besides technical performance, the human aspect is decisive

The work done by Fairson Inventory is quite correct and of a good quality/price ratio.
All Fairson service providers are equally adept in terms of technical service and the job has a strong but unobtrusive “procedures” side.
With Fairson Inventory, the human aspect becomes important.


I appreciate the reliability of their services, their availability and their flexibility

Fairson is an inventor that is well-sized enough to be able to operate on several sites throughout France, but not too large to prohibit them from maintaining direct exchanges; this distinguishes them.
I appreciate the reliability of their services, their availability and their flexibility.


This is my only service provider for 30 stores in France

Fairson brings me the quality and the expected result.
In addition, my teams help me to track the progress of inventories, in the framework of joint procedures (twice a year): professionalism of inventory managers, quality of the computer tool, feedback…

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